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I am one to act on  impulse every now and then, today when I woke up I let Aisha Thalia get to me.  I really love this beautiful, bootiful Vegan lady and everything she stands for ....lets just say she is somewhat my role model.

Aisha Thalia
"...you are what you eat.."

That's a phrase I don't really like, but I also know its true. I am a self certified foodie and if you follow me on Instagram (which to be honest by now you should ) you know the amount of junk food I consume... I am in love with fats and sugar and to make matters worse my bestie bakes the most delicious cupcakes ever.
I understand that my health is important, but I also understand that I am too lazy and lack the motivation to work out...why you ask... honestly with a 28 inch waist and a 40 inch bum I could be the least bothered about weight loss. I eat junk food everyday and metabolism makes me even more skinny with each passing day. Carbohydrates have somehow become the enemy of  the overweight person , but think about it, maybe it’s the meat we should be avoiding.

Vegans Eat Carbs And Still Lose Weight: You Should Give The Diet A Shot.

Not only do vegans beat out any other diet type, but they also greatly decrease the amount of sat and saturated fats in their diet, have lower BMIs, and a better overall balance of macro-nutrients (carbohydrates, fats, and proteins). Research has it that the vegan diet results in the greatest weight loss. However, pesco-vegetarians don't do significantly better than meat eaters and semi-vegetarians.
.....getting to the point....

 I am challenging myself to a 'one month Vegan diet' . 

Will I mange , I honestly have no idea but I am motivated to see if this will help me feel healthier with a stronger immune system and maybe even a little lighter (not necessarily weight wise), if it gives me a more defined waist line the better.

Spent all day on my laptop researching, finding out as much as I can. Of all the vegan diaries I have read I felt like I could relate a lot more to Javier Moreno's story. 

In a month I will be back with a deetailed story of how it all went. However, before I start on my challenge I will detox by going on a one day water fast tomorrow then a three day fruit and water fast after which this will be my Meal Plan and you can visit Vegan Easy-challenge for more information.
wish me luck!!

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