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A friend asked me what I do to maintain my figure and keep in shape....*( or are those the same thing?) despite all the 'cheat meals' I have, so before I get into giving you diet plans and exercise routines to follow lets understand our bodies a little better.

It's not the first time I have been approached with this question, and I usually don't know what say to people, but I think this post will help many of us, myself included. Coz this lady (read Ezil) now has it all figured out.

I usually stand in front of the mirror in my birthday suit every morning before and after taking my shower; believe it or not, it has a lot of positive impact on how you will dress for the day and how you feel throughout that day. There are days when I put on a dress and  feel like I could use bigger boobs to bring out the neckline, so I reach out for a padded bra that will make my boobs two inches bigger, other times I feel like I could use a little more ass or wider hips to give that beautiful dress the justice it deserves then I do 10 squats and when I see no immediate change I regret not purchasing that padded underwear that was on sale at the lingerie shop. Am I the only one who has such days..?

love your body, style with ezil, african fashion blogger, kenyan fashion blogger, ezil, what is the best figure for women, how to altr my body shape,can i change my body shape.
Ladies come in all shapes and sizes, some of us have the hourglass, inverted triangle, triangle, rectangle and apple body shapes... I tend to believe this are some of the things that make us unique. (Imagine if we were all the same shape....#shivers....) Yet even with that said I still understand that we may not be completely happy with out bodies for one reason or another, Everyone has that part of their body they sometimes feel like they wanna cut out or increase or maybe just reduce a little.
 If you read my previous post IT'S MY BIRTHDAY ☺ let's write a style story. there is this part where I said
 "......Obviously your weight will fluctuate through out the years but if you are within your healthy weight range (and it’s highly likely that you are at the age of 20) what your body looks like now is it’s natural shape. If you gain weight it will still be that shape but bigger. If you lose weight it will be that shape but smaller."

That having been said please get a pen and paper, you will need it for the next few steps. (Do this in the comfort of your bedroom at any time.) 

1.Stand in front of the mirror wearing absolutely nothing, look at yourself 
2. Write down the things you love about your body in a descending order 
3. Write down what you wish you could alter about your body and indicate whether you would like to 
        (A) get rid of 
         (B) reduce or
          (C) add
   I don't think there is any other option. That's all you may dress up now. 

So, why make those alterations, do you think with those changes you will be more beautiful, will it make you turn more heads when you walk by, will it get you a sponsor,get you a husband a job or will it make you feel better about yourself. Please write down why you think it's necessary.

Now that we have a purpose let's look at the possibilities, you can go for a surgery, take implant pills or rub on creams, go on a diet, work out at home or at a gym, do nothing about it. Any other ways of dealing with it? Write it down.

So now that we have identified the 'problem' and listed possible solutions, are you up to the task? Is it worth it? How far are you really willing to go?  If I told you going on a strict vegan diet is the only way you will loose your tummy or A few pounds would you really let go of eating all animal products honey and milk included or would you snear close my tab and Google other options to achieving the same?
I am sure you know that most of this diets and workouts are not a one off thing, which technically means  if you were to Start a calorie controlled diet and eat 300-500 kcal under maintenance every day with a cheat day once every 14 to 16 days. Eat 3 main meals with 2-3 snacks throughout the day. you might just be at it for the rest of your life, and for what?

love your body, style with ezil, african fashion blogger, kenyan fashion blogger, ezil, what is the best figure for women, how to altr my body shape,can i change my body shape.

 The grass will always seem greener on the other side. Far too often, we want the exact opposite of what Mother Nature gave us (#sigh women and their satisfaction (or lack thereof)  Those of us who have skinnier legs and smaller backsides often want more curves. Conversely, the curvaceous among us typically long for more waif-like appearance. You can’t alter the way your body looks, now don’t get me wrong I am not saying that you can go from being a ruler to an hourglass or visa versa, it just wont happen due to your genetics, build, your bone structure etc. but what you can do is sculpt parts of your body to give the illusion of being a different body shape. Or go for the easier option and learn to dress for the body you have, not the one you wish you had.

Post on this Outfit come right up....
Meanwhile, if you haven't read  IT'S MY BIRTHDAY ☺ let's write a style story. That's the direct Link.
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  1. This is a beautiful post, I can totally relate to everything you've said. Thanks for the tips annd advice! :-)

  2. you are welcome dear. I am honored ☺

  3. can i just say that I've been the same size, the same weight difference since i was 11, sure it bothers pple who think I'm skinny but thats there problem , pple need to learn to love themselves a little more and careless about other pple's opinions, this constant need for validation is not healthy. Great post Ezil ♥

  4. seriously since you were
    I agree with you 100% ...thank you.☺