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Ken says this looks like Batman's cape. lol.
Wrap Sweaters and Trench Coats are currently trending. Yet stylish trench coats are pretty expensive. Note I said stylish. I am saying this from the perspective of a young stylish lady who still cannot fathom how one would purchase one trench at 8,000ksh mostly because I'd get bored with it in no time which means I would need to buy about five to fit my style hog nature. some may argue that its worth it. But like i always say there is always a cheaper option. since that option did not present itself to me, I had been on a trench coat fabric hunt for about a month when I finally got to creating this piece. 

I remember the day I bought this fabric the diabetes walk was taking place in Langata and the roads had been closed. Believe it or not I was too determined to get this fabric so much so I walked. yes young Ezil walked all the way from Langata to Nairobi Cbd in freaking Matutas ( coz I did not have time to fix my braid out.) Need I say I did get a few complements on my hair. Not so shabby huh! 

This piece of fabric was the last piece remaining so it was worth it. However, my retailer made an order and she now stocks them. I made my baby sister a green one the other day and she paid me with a pack of Oreos. How sweet.

Photography; Sami Khan
Outfit; My Collection

I like throwing on this trench over fitting dresses, paired it with an all white pants outfit the other day and I just love how it adds this glam effect to a rather simple look. In this case I wore it over a fitting Little White Dress. If raving was my thing that would be a good place to wear this to. Keep warm and look stylish. But since its not. I shall save this little dress for another Mocktail date with my girl.

I did a post on The sweater for your body shape. Check it out to see If this Wrap Sweater or Waterfall trench will accentuate you curves like it did for me then hit me up and lets make you one ☺. Do people still say hit me up?

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Item  Price/Place
Waterfall Trench sh 2000
Dress  sh 1800
Neck piece Moi Avenue.
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