Photography; Sami Khan

I always wanted to be in my 20s. Little did I know that being a 20 is no walk in the park. You don’t realize that your 20s are the years of difficult changes. Nothing really prepares you for all these new found feelings. It is overwhelming and even unbearable at times, but there are the moments you’ll actually be thankful for.

After a rough week filled with major school issues a job you love but cannot concentrate on because of all the things happening around you and friendship devastation, You keep telling yourself  this is just but a, “rough patch.” Yes, a rough patch! But that is not really how it feels. You feel like you are swirling through a hurricane of chaos and emotions and falling down a rabbit hole into Wonderland. 

I know for sure that being in my 20s, this is the time for some of my greatest failures, as well as my greatest successes. I think it is very important to remember that navigating life can be difficult, and I can’t have everything figured out all at once. Sometimes it feels like everyone else has their life together except you, but remember this: they were once standing in your shoes feeling just as lost. 

The people you hold dearest to your heart, may no longer play such a huge role in your life down the line. Friendships are not defined by how long you have known a person. In fact as you grow you encounter new people who become your closest confidant and you have to let go of those that no longer add value to your life. Growing up sometimes means growing a part from people, and that’s okay.

There will come a time when you will want something so bad and you will have it all planned out but for one reason or the other that plan may be out of your reach. don't sulk or force issues grab that new opportunity by the collar. It might open your eyes to things that your initial plan might not have the ability to do. Do not let one thing erase the imprints past experiences and old friends have made on your life.

Be gentle with yourself, you’ll find your way.

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