I am not a fan of the cold season, mostly because my wardrobe is full of dresses and skirts. yes, I am that girl. I hate that I have to find warm clothes to wear and I cant stand it that the pants have quite some leverage on my daily look this season. Over the past one week I managed to buy trench coats which must I say gives me this sophisticated feel/look when thrown over a beautiful above the knee dress or pencil skirt.I would however prefer saving my trench coats for lunch dates and functions. So what do you wear on an ordinary day in this cold season?  aahh.. that's easy.... Sweaters!

Now that we have that figured out. What sweater perfectly flatters your body shape.

I will do this in two parts mainly because this was a last minute post I decided to write over breakfast. Had I more time I would type it all today. Sucks to be this busy but a lady gotta study and make money ☺. If I don't manage to cover your body shape in part one then be patient for part 2 ♥

Perfect for Body type - Straight
Turtlenecks have a way of giving an elegant and warm twist to a simple summer look. It is a flattering sweater for straight figured girls, as the turtle neck and particularly a chunky one adds dimension to the shoulders and upper torso. you can add a belt for a more curvy look. photo credit.

Perfect for body type- Straight

More like over sized baggy sweaters that easily slip off the shoulder. The dramatic neckline brings attention to the upper body which makes it a flattering sweater for girls with Straight body types. You can always add a belt to define the waist. Photo Credits

Perfect for body type - Pear and Straight.
Thick rugby stripes wrap the body while narrower stripes band the sleeves and ample cowl neck of this.I love it when the layers of the cowl reach down to the top of the breast area that way it is able to minimizes the abdomen and keep the focus on the upper body.For gals with Pear body types (hips are larger than the bust), the cowl neck enhances your smaller bust and provides balance with your larger hips. For girls with Straight body types, the sweater’s ample cowl neck enhances the upper torso and de-emphasizes your lower body.  photo credit.

perfect for body type- pear and straight.
This is nothing less than an on-trend timeless classic beauty. Simple crew neck sweaters work well for girls with straight or pear body types. The sweater drops straight down to just below the waist. It enhances the smaller bust area.  the straight sweater line hits the top of the hips which de-emphasizes the ratio of the smaller waist and wider hips. photo credit

perfect for body type - hourglass, straight
Most of them are accented with a thick shawl collar and removable self-tie belt. Chunky cardigans like this one are ideal for girls with hourglass figures who appreciate how a belted sweater shows off their small waist and perfect curves. Straight figured galls appreciate how a belted sweater helps create the illusion of a more hourglass shape by defining their waist and adding volume to their upper and lower torso. Photo Credit

You can get all this sweaters from Bus station. Yes BS Nairobi. There is a stall right across the road from Tuskies Bus station in between the phone stalls and the bus station. Blessed are though that commute. Sources tell me I can also get them at Toi so i'm planning to visit it as soon as possible.
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  1. Creative post honey!!! Love it!😍

  2. And you actually gave photo credit. How sweet.

  3. I tend to think I'm very sweet..haha... I'd want them do to the same if they used my pics ☻