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 A Chef once told me. " cook with the confidence of experience even if you don't have much of either.

Every time I tell people I am shy, they don't believe me, most of the time they give a sarcastic laugh. I bet you that might be the most honest thing I have ever told or Maybe not. Last time I checked I was a very shy person and I liked being alone in my own small world where I did not have to risk anything. I was not very welcoming to change. 

I hear people say "fake it till you make it" and this is mostly connoted with the appearance of wealth or celebrity status. I see a lot of this on social media and particularly Instagram and I think it is a waste of ones resources.

I changed the phrase to suit me. FAKE IT TILL YOU BECOME IT. Faking a celebrity or wealth status adds no value whatsoever to you. Why not fake the qualities that actually make you a better person. Fake that confidence till you become confident. Fake being honest if you are not, heck you can even fake being intelligent, with time you will have to actually read something to back up your "intelligence" and in not time, you will become intelligent. 

I don't drink so most people ask me, "what do you do when you go out to a rave or a club ( or is that the same thing)" Its simple FAKE IT TILL YOU BECOME IT. Drunk people are among other things  hyper and care free and that was me every time I went out. Its relaxing and for a minute or longer you let go of every thing that seems to be troubling you. I did not have to get drunk but I probably got a lot more from the experience than you did. We were all high but I was More aware and in control of my high and look who woke up for work with no hungover.

Sometimes a place may intermediate you, you look at the people around you and think. Lord I don't belong. FAKE IT TILL YOU BELONG. Observe the people around you and pick the traits that make them different from you (the good ones only). 

How people perceive you is important but don't work so hard to make a good impression to others at your own expense. Only do things that benefit you.

So next time someone implies that I am Shy I guess I should also shrug coz I am no longer that shy person. #hairflip. 
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