Its not everyday you get to meet your fashion loving family all in one place. This being the first time I was attending NFM as a fashion blogger I had a lot of expectations. I saw things a whole lot differently. It was no longer just about chilling with friends, watching the show and shopping. I got an opportunity to also network.  It was an amazing platform, Very conducive for having a laugh and drinks with other people doing amazing things in the Kenyan fashion industry.

Despite being aware that I had a function to attend during the weekend. It never occurred to me to start planning for what I would wear. Its obvious that people will always judge you from a first glance. And as a blogger trying to build a larger audience I needed to look good for the function. 
But guess what, I woke up early Sunday morning, reached into my fabric drawer and in the next one hour came up with super bright yellow, high-waist, pleated chiffon palazzo pants. This absolutely beats last minute shopping.  
I was in love with them. I felt so accomplished leaving the house. In fact I had every intention to write a whole post about my outfit. But when I arrived there were so many other beautifully dressed people at the Function that I couldn't make this post all about me.

oh! hey there Melvyin

Isn't she pretty. She is a designer.. ☻☻

A full picture would be nice.

Coz every young lady in yellow deserves a pretty date in ( what color is that Yvette??)

Chilling with Olive, oh hello there Ajuma

Of course Ruth was was also there

Isn't Ajuma's baby the cutest??

Chelsie.. how've you been?? lets catch up over some drinks.

Bobo darling.....

Of course I stopped by the Republike tent, and look who was there... Annabel

and the only person who knows the way to my heart. she go me cotton candy ♥♥♥ Jessica 

And I finally managed to get Sami to pose for a picture........ Oh hey there Khalifa

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Bare back crop topsame here and here
Bright yellow palazzo pants   sh.1800
Neck Piece Spray painted an old one.
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