You could be a fashion slave or a fashion fan...which ever one you are I am here to hook you up with designers I think you will absolutely love.
We attend fashion shows, sit there, watch beautiful models walk down the runway and murmur comments to our neighbors. It could be positive, it could be influenced by you prejudice. There those designs you just don't where do they expect me to wear this.....
I like to think of it as a brainstorm...certain elements are exaggerated by designers for the runway and when it comes to high-street fashion those elements can be incorporated into a look you can walk in without feeling absolutely ridiculous.
Fall is quite a busy fashion season and given my schedule I'm am surprised I managed to attend two of the shows I received invites to. So here are some of my favorite outfits that I feel can be worn straight out the runway onto the streets.

Outfits were showcased at
1. Nairobi Fashion Market
2. Nairobi Elegance Affair


Will try to include the designers contact and name in future so you can make an order for the outfits you are interested in.

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