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Photography by Samir Khan 

It wasn't until Sami mentioned it that I realized this look was so 'MATRIX'.. if you haven't watched the American-Australian neo-noir science fiction action film written and directed by the Wachowskis then you probably have no idea what I am talking about.
sometimes I pull off weird looks that most people would shy away from.. shiyenze says I'm very daring with my outfits... you probably wouldn't understand until you met me on the streets, I don't get to showcase all the looks I wear her on the blog but when I do I have to go for those that appealed to me most.Most of the time they are very conservative..okay maybe just a little. This particular one is a lock for the kinky rebels who wear black leather and cool shades ( very matrix). I didn't realize when I was styling it but it has this 'MEN IN BLACK' feel but in a more casual and feminine way.

I remember I was walking out of the house that morning feeling all sassy in my crop top and jeans then it started raining. since I didn't have time to change I went back in and threw on my waterfall coat and a pair of flat boots...

A matrix is a mold in which something is cast or shaped. My mood, the weather and day plans determine what I wear..I'd say they are my fashion Matrix. whats yours?? do share in the comments below.

Crop top- my collection
Waterfall coat- my collection
Pants- Ngara
Boots- Ngara

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