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That title reminds me of the mouth watering slutty brownies I had yesterday.
 I've been trying a lot of new things lately, bye by short nails and hello short hair and short outfits.This dress was made from pieces of leftover fabric but funny enough I almost always seem to gravitate towards it every time I reach into my closet. It could be the balloon effect created by the tinny lining or the airy feeling I get when I wear it, I don't know but I love it.

I have paired this piece with both heels and flats and never had a slutty comment thrown at me, or maybe I just didn't hear it. sure there are the annoying whistles and the signals from some illiterate man here and there, but never a slutty comment.

 I don't know if its the Kenyan in me or just the fact that I may to some extent be a little more conservative in my dressing (read showing legs) than I care to admit. I am one of those people who consider a crop top a more decent option to booty shorts.I have herd girls who wear short outfits complain about how people call them all manner of names for their outfit choices and it got me wondering is showing leg really a bad thing?

Sammy says there is no problem with short outfits, in his opinion its the way you carry yourself in those pieces that determine how people will respond to you. Its all in your attitude and I think he drives across a pretty strong point.

First of all we all have different opinions on this topic and I think what really matters is whether you feel good in what you are wearing. sometimes women go overboard in a n attempt to prove their sexiness, while it is great to look sexy try not to go out in a short dress, with clevege and midriff cut outs, its just ridiculous. You don't have to put it all out there at once. There is nothing appealing about a woman that leaves nothing to the imagination.
The key to being sexy but still retaining your class is to only show one area at a time. If you want to show off your chest then go for it, but leave your legs and tummy covered up or vise versa.
Basically all I am saying is;

1. Don't show it all at once

2. Mind your attitude

3 Keep your manners, be a lady and dont act ratchet

4. Mind your posture, how do you sit, walk or stand..

5. Don't be impulsive, avoid the drama that comes with acting on impulse.

6. Remember the line between flirty and tarty changes with occasion

What do you think?

Nail art by MIKOS Hair and Beauty Parlor
hair from Shalek Beauty
dress by yours truly.

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