Don’t you just love that warm inner feeling you get when you are in love.
The way you smile uncontrollably when you think of someone, or that exciting feeling you get when they text you. I’m a hopeless romantic, I see people in love and I get all giddy inside. Love makes me happy, the moments shared the little things people do for each other the laughter. It’s…  It’s just so beautiful.

I am one of those cliché girls who wear red on valentines, yup! And I look forward to my chocolates and flowers and can you believe it’s only 25 days to valentines. I’m already looking at gift ideas, hotel and travel packages. I even started looking for a dinner dress #hides can’t wait to show it you. Between you and me, you’ve gotta start giving him hits early or if you are treating yourself which you should coz you deserve it, start planning early enough.

Was having lunch at the LA MAISON ROYALE HOTEL the other day, it’s a very nice, modern and cozy hotel in Westlands that feels so much like the home I wish I had. So of course, I had to find out what their plan for valentine was. Turns out they have some valentine’s packages that caught my attention and I thought I’d share them with you guys.

 1. Valentine's Day Package 
Superior guestroom accommodation
3 course pre-set dinner for 2 in Rendezvous Restaurant
2 glasses of wine: choice of red or white courtesy of Jos Hansen for wine pairing dinner
Red rose delivery during dinner
Full breakfast for 2 in Rendezvous restaurant
Early check-in and late check-out on 15th February

2. Romantic Escape Package
Superior guestroom accommodation
A bottle of red wine to be delivered in the room compliments of Jos Hansen
Room Service Menu available on valentine’s night.
Full breakfast for 2 in Rendezvous restaurant
Flower delivery in-room
Specialty homemade Valentine's Chocolates
Early check-in, late check-out

They can also consider adding a 15-minute massage package for couples within this package.

Its best to Check with their front office for advice on prices.Phone: +254 729 769 253 / + 254 733 769 253

I am really considering the second package I mean who can resist a nice relaxing massage and of course the special homemade chocolates and flowers. God! A whole bottle of sweet wine. Did someone say room service menu (evil laugh). Which one tickles your fancy?

 If you have any other valentine’s packages you would like to share with us, please leave them in the comments down below you never know whose valentines experience you will influence. Also, share with us what you think about these two packages, and are you making any preparations for valentines if so what? If not, why? I’d really love to know.

Get the look.

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