Infinix zero 4 plus, Infinix Zero 4 add on lenses, Review, Infinix zero 4 plus review, style with Ezil, Ezil

I take a lot of pictures and one would argue that most of them are the same, ie pictures of the same thing or me in the same pose
but I promise you, they are so damn different. I think its pretty obvious that I'm all about the fashion and beauty world. I like to look good coz it makes me feel good so naturally when I'm getting a phone I like to go for one with an amazing camera.

I am that annoying fried who will be taking pictures of everything and everyone wherever we go, I remember when we went to visit my grand ma' some time last year I was busy taking pictures of the chicken and goats and some of the kids playing around and my aunt Terry thought I was being ridiculous. I mean why would anyone need such pictures, needless to say they had to be in focus, of good quality and telling of a story. Flash forward to yesterday when we were having coffee and just by looking at that picture of the chicken that I took months ago she could recall all the fun times we had the silly jokes, and the way I fell flat on my face trying to take a good shot of the damn chicken.

Pictures are all about capturing moments and being able to share them with those who were not present, they remind us of all the great times we had when life gets tough. its an easy escape from stressful times and a great reminder of the moments we share with others. 

I fell in love with the Infinix Zero 4 Plus the minute I took my first selfie with it. Its was just so beautiful. But before I get into what I love most about this phone let me give you some details on its specs.

Infinix zero 4 plus, Infinix Zero 4 add on lenses, Review, Infinix zero 4 plus review, style with Ezil, Ezil

The Infinix zero 4 plus weighs 203g, The phone display is 6 inches and with a pixel area of 1080x1020 pixels  and a corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection. It is available in 5 colors; champagne gold, lilac gray, galaxy blue, silver purple and Filbert brown . 

It support two sim types, both nano and micro sim and you get to choose between the 2G, 3G and 4G networks. The phone's operating system is Android 6 Marshmallow with a  2.1 GHz Deca-core processor. Having a battery of 4000mAH the phone also comes with a fast charging technology also known as the X charge 3A that gets a drained battery fully charged in a matter of minutes.

It has a 4GB Ram ,  32 GB Internal mem and it supports an additional external 128GB

Some of the sensors supported by the phone include the finger print [which can be used to record calls, scroll through pictures, take a photo, accept a call, dismiss an alarm and of course for security.] , voice recognition, proximity, gravity, light and the compass.

It tends to heat up when charging.
some people find the budging camera a little annoying and risky but I don't mind it.

Since we are all about capturing the moment this season of love let me tell you about my favorite feature. 
The Infinix Zero 4 plus has a  21mp back camera and a 13mp front camera is. of course it supports video recording. 
The camera has a  f/2.0 large aperture, OSI ( optical image stabilization and laser auto focus with a dual LED light
 These features basically ensure you get very sharp and clear photos and videos and the OIS prevents   hand shaking or motion and low light burring which might ruin the perfect shot.
The camera has a 4X sharper zoom so you can bring the object closer to you and still be able to capture its finer details with surprising clarity from wherever you are.

When you purchase the phone on Jumia, It comes with a set of 3 three complementary add on lenses.

The 198 degree fish eye lens: this lens is perfect for taking fish eye selfies It is also amazing for taking group selfies without a selfie stick as it captures a wide angle.

4K HD wide angle: It is used together with the 15X HD macro lens and covers a slightly wider angle compared to the Fish eye lens without the extaraness of the fish eye lens. Its perfect for landscape shots and makes any room look much bigger and spacious. 

15X HD macro: This one is perfect for getting shots of micro objects for those into micro photography.

All add on lenses can be used on both the front and back cameras. If you would like a post on the different types of shots taken using the lenses kindly let me know in the comments or through any of my social media pages. 

 Recommendation; Dear friends at Infinix can we please get around to the water proofing. I have a few under water moments I'd like to capture. Love Ezil.

Infinix zero 4 plus, Infinix Zero 4 add on lenses, Review, Infinix zero 4 plus review, style with Ezil, Ezil

Infinix zero 4 plus, Infinix Zero 4 add on lenses, Review, Infinix zero 4 plus review, style with Ezil, Ezil

Infinix zero 4 plus, Review, Infinix zero 4 plus review, style with Ezil, Ezil
Photography by Samir Khan; +254 722 420 074

This must be one of the most wordy posts I have ever written but hope it was helpful to you as I really enjoyed working on it. I would love to know what you think about this phone. Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by.

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