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Flawless, vibrant and beautiful skin is amazing, Isn't that what we are all trying to achieve
using makeup and all manner of skin care products? The other day I found out that breakouts despite how annoying and ugly they are actually tell more about our health. I asked you guys if you would be interested in a post on this and the response was astounding.

Face mapping is is a practice used by dermatologists where they divide your face landscape into 14 different parts and analyze them for health issues such as dehydration or indigestion.
This works two ways as this information can either be used to improve your health or clear out your face (especially acne prone skin) and achieve glowing more vibrant skin. 

In today's post i will share with you what causes acne in the different zone or rather what breakouts in these zones mean and possible ways to get rid of them and improve your health. you can read more about this here.

 FOREHEAD [Zone 1&2] Digestive problems, stress, irregular sleep,poor diet and liver issues -Increase uptake of water to flash out toxins, eat more whole grain foods and reduce amounts of fats in diet. Get more sleep.

BROW AREA [Zone 3] Poor circulation,Gallbladder issues, alcohol, processed foods,high fat intake - Eat lighter foods, like salads, avoid late night snacks, avoid alcohol and too much dairy products and check for possible food allergies.

EARS AND EYES [Zone 4,5,7 & 8] Kidneys, dehydration - this show through acne or  dark circles drink more water, preferably the recommended 8 glasses and reduce your alcohol and caffeine intake.

NOSE [Zone 6] Heart, bloating, indigestion, poor blood circulation or heightened blood pressure. - Pores around your nose clog easily, keep this area clean, have more greens, nuts, omega rich fish to prevent chances of high blood pressure and avoid,spicy pungent foods, meat and salt.

CHEEKS [ Zone 9 & 10 ] Overeating, stress, Lungs dirty cell phones - quit smoking, watch your food intake, clean your cell phones and take in more fresh air by going for long and regular walks.

BELOW CHEEKS AND CHIN [Zone 11, 12 & 13] Hormonal problems due to hormonal imbalance caused by stress and during periods - There is little you can do except, hydrate, exercise and sleep better.

 NECK [Zone 14] Stomach - Improve digestion by adding more fiber to your diet and detoxifying when necessary. avoid late night snacking. 

 On a scale of 0-10 how helpful was this? let us know in the comments below then Check out my post on how to get flawless skin here.

beauty, face mapping, what your skin says about your health, style with Ezil Ezil, kenyan fashion blogger,
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