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A little out of my comfort zone, huh? Well I was just writing a style post on what to wear to a first date
( will be up wednesday) when I took an Instagram break and came across a friend's Insta-story rant about how men are...  (insert all manner of abuses). Well I'm not saying she deserves it but I don't know what she expected from a guy she met on tinder.

Mom I bet you are wondering what in the World is tinder, Tinder is supposed to be an online dating site where you get to meet your love at first swipe. Of course there is the unicorn in a herd of sheep when your love at first swipe turns out to be prince charming after all but Ladies who have been on the site genuinely look for love will tell you he does't exist, One way or another it wont work.

I have been on one tinder date and it was perfect, he was such a gentleman, really romantic and everything was perfect but sadly we don't talk anymore, I should text him and find out why lol I guess it wasn't really a match.  I don't share personal stories coz nothing dramatic or Crazy ever happens to me - Thank God. However, I have heard stories of girls being drugged and raped on a tinder date, and the recent scary one of the guy who was sleeping with dead people. Don't get me started on Mr. perfect who you find out three months in has another girlfriend or wife. What are some of the crazy Tinder stories you have heard?

 Today I'll share with you why I deleted my Tinder account after that one date and why you should too. This is a Fashion and Lifestyle blog after all. I'm gonna try to keep it short and straight to the point. 

1. Men use it for hookups- If you have been on tinder then you have come across the DTF text that is not even politely preceded by a "Hello, how are you doing"  its like men on tinder have become horny animals with no respect for women whatsoever. 

2. Women are looking for sugar daddies( sponsors)-  I have seen and read about the things women do to keep up with a certain lifestyle they cant really afford, its crazy. Women have realized men are on tinder for hookups and they are now charging for it. The vacations, eating at fancy restaurants and of course that chanel bag. The other day my friend told me some girls even charge you to buy them coffee

3. It's solely based on looks- Now I am no relationship expert but I know looks can be very deceiving and Tinder is all about judging people based on how they look. This increases the risk of you being catfished but just in case you are not that relationship is 90% bound to be shallow and meaningless anyway. 

4. There will always a be a new match- Now if by any chance he/she is not a catfish and is neither in it for the hookup nor looking for a sponsor he/she is bound to cheat or walk away from the relationship sooner or later because they will always be a new match. Possibly prettier, more handsome of just more interesting than you are. 

5. Love at first swipe. Its just too easy- swipping your way into a relationship takes away from the first date jitters or the whole beauty of bumping into someone and thinking about them all the time not to mention the whole awkwardness or trying to ask her out in person. and because someone new is simply a swipe away most people find it hard to work through the relationship and instead would rather walk away when things get hard.

If you have been in a tinder relationship or come across someone who has been in one... am I right or am I right?

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