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Keeping up with trends can lead to horrible fashion mistakes and is ridiculously expensive. This is the reason most of us have managed to convince ourselves and those who care to listen,that following trends is always a bad idea. But really.. how often can you wear wardrobe staples. it gets boring wearing the same thing over and over besides change is good, learn to embrace it. 

If you can afford to splurge on every new trend that pops up.. yeey you! but if you can not, here are a few tips and tricks to be trendy on a budget.

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👗Know your style👗
While I absolutely advocate for following trends you cant wear them all. you have to be clever about it, know which style and cut suits your body type best and which colors complement your skin. This way you can easily manipulate the trend to suit you and be a trend setter yourself. Now that you know all that, what next? You have to get really creative

👗Do It Yourself👗
If you have a sawing machine at your disposal, take advantage of it, learn how to saw or familiarize yourself with the use of a needle and thread or the famous hot glue gun. this skills will always come in handy.

👗Get someone to do it👗
Just because you don't have a needle and thread at your disposal *lol* or you just cant use a hot glue gun doesn't mean this is not for you. Ask your friends or relatives to help. you could make it your thing if they enjoy it. or get a professional to help. Make friends with the cobbler and tailor in your neighborhood and you could get some crazy discounts for very trendy pieces.

YouTube is your best friend, there are a million hacks on how to achieve a lot of these trends on a budget and a good number of them are very detailed. They will help you with choosing the right materials and give you tips on how to go about it.

👗Thrift shopping👗
You don't have to go to the crowded markets and get squashed by that huge woman trying to reach out for the same top you have your eye on. There are several online thrift shops and a big number of well set up brick and mortar ones where you can get huge discounts.  
If you would like me to do a post on my favorite thrift shops drop me a line on any of my social media pages (Ezil Ignatius)


Get the look.
Full outfit made my me ..yup its a DIY

Ezil,kenyan fashion blogger, keeping up with trends,

Ezil,kenyan fashion blogger, keeping up with trends,

Ezil,kenyan fashion blogger, keeping up with trends,

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