I always say my style is a little conservative but looking at my wardrobe a lot has changed since I started blogging. I'm not sure if having a style as dynamic as mine is normal but it seems to be working for me just fine.  

I recently fell in love with bra chains and I'm embarrassed to say I almost wore them everywhere I went this week.  I guess my biggest challenge was figuring out how to style it appropriately without looking too slutty. 

This dress looked absolutely stunning on the model and although it's completely out of my comfort zone given the open back, front cutouts and plunging neckline. I was up for the challenge. 

It's the perfect club outfit mostly coz I can't think of anywhere else I could wear it to.  I kept the look very modern and decided to pair it with a silver chocker and bra chain (as if the plunging neck wasn't drawing enough attention to my boobs). I do intend to give more styling options for this dress because I absolutely love it and I have to get as many wear out of it as I possibly can.  

But first, what's your take on this look?  

Photography by Nimrat 
Get the look.
Bra chain and Chocker - DIY
Dress from Kilimall. (Direct link to the dress) 

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